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Unlock Your Full Potential with
Bobo Smart Physical Therapy Tools

Transform your care into efficient and scalable treatment plans by integrating digital technology and seamlessly combining on-location and remote care


A Better Way To Treat

With BoBo, common physical therapy exercises and tools turn into an interactive, gamified experience for improved patient engagement and increased rehabilitation rates. Easily measure progress and outcomes, track quality and quantity of movements and exercises, and personalize each and every program.

A scalable, highly personalized digital therapy platform

Maintain a personal relationship with your patients while meeting rising demands for remote treatments and growing your patient base. Provide a seamless blend of in-person and remote treatment.


Using the provider-patient platform, providers can create and easily adjust personalized treatment plans, while the motion sensors allow you to measure and analyze outcomes

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Assessment & Analysis

Advanced performance tracking and pattern analytics

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Real-time Biofeedback

Increased engagement and improved quality of training through a live bio-feedback delivered instantly

Cloud-Based Personalized Programs

Personalized treatment plans can be created and stored in the cloud. Patients can follow their plans at the time and place convenient to them

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Progress Tracking

Monitor patient progress over time and generate detailed reports

Gamified Experience

Common rehabilitation training turns into a motivating and challenging game that makes exercising a fun and rewarding activity

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