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BoBo Home 

Turn Balance Exercise into a Fun & Interactive Game

The BoBo Balance Board

  • One size fits all design, perfect for adults, kids and seniors

  • Smart balance board with an embedded movement sensor

  • Inflatable wobble cushion (board can also be used with other balance equipment)

  • It's a great choice for anyone looking to improve their overall balance, coordination, posture, and visual sense


The BoBo Home App

  • Seamless connection between balance board and the app

  • Live bio-feedback available immediately on mobile device

  • Advanced movement tracking and balance-pattern analytics

  • Wide range of dynamic training programs designed for beginners and advanced users

  • Custom workout programs available

  • Interactive game-design motivates every user

  • 100% free, no monthly subscription, no charge for app updates

Applicable to All Athletes

No matter what kind of athlete you are, balance plays a pivotal role in helping you run harder, move faster, react quicker, and stand stronger. With its comprehensive training programs, the Bobo Balance Core Trainer is a great tool for any athlete motivated to enhance their overall performance and reduce the risk of injury. Whether you are biking, swimming, jumping, or running; having proper stability and coordination is critical to your performance and sustainability as an athlete.​

2020-04-16_Bobo_social media-Green_Instegram.jpg

Core Balance Proven to Improve

  • Focus

  • Confidence

  • Motor Skills

  • Flexibility

  • Attention

  • Coordination

  • Strength

  • Posture

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