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A Seamless Digital Solution for At Home-In Practice Physiotherapy

BoBo Health delivers convenient, affordable, and clinically measurable physiotherapy programs, at any location, any time. 

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Healthcare Provider

Personalized care plan provided by a human / digital therapist that improves efficiency & outcomes

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Cloud-based platform allows convenient and supervised remote care

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Comprehensive, measurable and highly engaging physical therapy programs


Motion sensor

Our smart motion sensor measures patients movements and digitizes all therapeutic exercises and tools required to optimize outcomes.


Coordination / Stability


Strengthening / Flexibility


Endurance / Aerobic

The Software

Our software allows care providers to use and personalize hundreds of evidenced-based protocols. It also collects anonymous data from patients and optimizes future protocols through machine learning.

Comprehensive Solution For Strength & Flexibility, Balance and Aerobics

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Create Proprietary
Training Plans

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Turn Workout Into a Fun and Challenging Experience

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Prescribe Personalized Evidence-Based Training Plans

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Monitor Patient Progress - Measure Single Exercise & Overall Compliance

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Motivate Your Patients to Stick With their Training Programs

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