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BoBo Pro 2.0

Digitized, Measurable PT Programs for Better Patient Compliance & Outcomes

Balance, Aerobics Flexibility and Strength

A comprehensive solution that digitizes all types of therapeutic exercises and tools to facilitate better patient outcome and more efficient practice.

BoBo Pro
BoBo Pro

Enhanced Patient Motivation, Faster Outcomes

Deliver effective training and motivate your patients with fun and engaging exercise games for every fitness level.

Measure Patient Progress & Compliance

With real-time biofeedback and advanced performance tracking, providers can easily analyze patient progress and compliance, and adjust personalized plans whenever necessary.

The app collects relevant data for every training session and converts it into detailed reports for further clinical analysis.

BoBo Pro
BoBo Pro
Preset Rehabilitation Programs

The BoBo app features a wide built-in range of dynamic training programs. Providers can easily select one of Bobo's fast-program templates, use it as is, or adapt it to fit their patient's needs.

Highly Personalized Care Programs

The BoBo Pro system can be customized to every patient’s unique needs, goals and situation. With care programs that can be customized for each individual patient, the device helps you achieve better outcomes in less time.


With intuitive graphics and an easy-to-use interface, the BoBo app allows providers to create new programs in seconds.

BoBo Pro
BoBo Pro

Gamified Experience

Common rehabilitation training turns into a motivating and challenging game that makes exercising a fun and rewarding activity

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