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Our Story

BoBo delivers convenient, affordable, and clinically measurable physiotherapy programs, at any location, any time. 

BoBo was founded in 2015, by two physiotherapists who were looking for ways to keep their patients motivated. Inspired by the phrase Progress Through Play, BoBo created an innovative device that brought physical therapy, fitness and balance training into the modern world.

BoBo technology is currently utilized by over 8,000 physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals worldwide, with an additional 12,000 home users incorporating Bobo into their daily routines.

By turning traditional training products into smart, integrative and interactive training platforms, BoBo's products make the workouts much more challenging, engaging and fun, motivating patients to stick with their training programs.

By offering a truly unique, cloud-based product that benefits physiotherapy clinics, professional fitness centers, hospitals, sports facilities, military outfits and personal trainers - BoBo is effectively digitizing training and rehabilitation.

Our products streamline in-person and at-home care, help speed up recovery and outcomes, and come complete with advanced personalization abilities, real-time biofeedback and easy-to-access patient data analysis. 

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